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Steve Shamrock is a CPA and finance coach who works with mostly small businesses. He is an expert on taxes and business accounting.

Shamrock really is his last name, and it presented a challenge when designing a logo. I wanted to avoid the green shamrock cliche, but it was like trying to avoid the elephant in the room. The solution I landed on was an abstract shamrock, made of speech bubbles in engaging colors.¬†This fits perfectly with Steve’s brand because he enjoys working one on one, forming relationships with his clients, and answering their money questions in simple language anyone could understand.

Once the logo was created, I created some illustrations of Steve answering potential client questions, which a developer animated.

The result is a friendly and modern brand that is anything but cliche. From there I designed the full website, working closely with a developer.

I worked on this project at Bureau Gravity with creative input from Jimi Allen.