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6-wire is a world music group inspired by the historical connection between the erhu, the Chinese 2-stringed violin, and the 4-stringed violin – leading instruments from the East and West. A Chamber Music America grantee, the Delaware-based 6-wire ensembles mixes traditional romanticism with new chamber music. The musicians celebrate diversity in performance, weave stories into their concerts, and innovate new live music techniques.

6-wire reached out to me for a new website and brand. Their website and brand was outdated and no longer fit with the group’s pioneering spirit.

I developed a logo that shows the combination of the 2 stringed erhu and 4 stringed violin symbolically in the E. The red color was added for passion. The overall brand look is modern, sophisticated, and exciting.

After the logo was designed, next was creating a strong website strategy. I learned from 6-wire founder Xiang Gao that many people who had contacted 6-wire weren’t aware that the group was actually made up of three ensembles. We chose to organize the site content into these 3 ensemble subpages. I built out the website sticking closely with this theme.

6-wire was thrilled with their website that really works and their energizing new look.